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Great Hammerhead Sharks in Bimini, Bahamas

Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown



Bimini is becoming one of the most popular shark diving destinations in the world with divers and underwater photographers flocking to these tiny islands in The Bahamas to experience diving with Great Hammerhead Sharks. The dive offers the opportunity to get up close to these impressive sharks that can be up to 5m in length.

We arrived on the south island and jumped on the ferry to take us the 2 minute crossing over to the north island and our accommodation for this part of the trip, Bimini Big Game Club. This is where the Neal Watson Bimini Scuba Centre is located and where, once we had unpacked, we would be heading out for our Hammerhead Shark experience. The hotel hosts plenty of sport fishing boats, and because of the gutting of the catch each evening, the water surrounding the hotel is filled with Bull Sharks. It makes for a special post dive beer on the balcony, watching them gliding below the surface from your table.

The hammerhead shark dive is based quite close to shore, and so the journey out to the site is short; however, the preparation time and the wait for the sharks to turn up can take several hours. In our case, we were very lucky and the first sharks appeared almost instantly and we were soon gearing up and jumping in the water, but not before a thorough briefing from the crew to ensure everyone knew where to go and how to behave…

Descending down the line we could see three Hammerhead Sharks already slowly circling the sandy seabed, as well as a handful of Nurse Sharks and a solitary Bull Shark on the periphery. We took up our position, kneeling on the sand, and waited for the sharks to come in close, and they do come in very close! It is an incredible experience and one that is unique to this island, as you sit on the sandy seabed in less than 10m of clear blue water and these magnificent sharks swim past you. One dive guide is situated in the middle of the group, with a bait box, occasionally giving a shark a fish for their troubles, and an additional dive guide stays behind the group to watch over proceedings.

As it is so shallow, and the whole experience is really relaxed, you can stay for as long as your tank lasts and then head back to the boat for refreshments and a new cylinder, before heading back down for some more hammerhead action. This dive is a real treat for divers and underwater photographers alike.

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Text, Images and video by Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown of Frogfish Photography –

Nick and Caroline (Frogfish Photography) are a married couple of conservation driven underwater photo-journalists and authors. Both have honours degrees from Manchester University, in Environmental Biology and Biology respectively, with Nick being a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, a former high school science teacher with a DipEd in Teaching Studies. Caroline has an MSc in Animal Behaviour specializing in Caribbean Ecology. They are multiple award-winning photographers and along with 4 published books, feature regularly in the diving, wildlife and international press They are the Underwater Photography and Deputy Editors at Scubaverse and Dive Travel Adventures. Winners of the Caribbean Tourism Organization Photo-journalist of the Year for a feature on Shark Diving in The Bahamas, and they have been placed in every year they have entered. Nick and Caroline regularly use their free time to visit schools, both in the UK and on their travels, to discuss the important issues of marine conservation, sharks and plastic pollution. They are ambassadors for Sharks4Kids and founders of SeaStraw. They are Dive Ambassadors for The Islands of The Bahamas and they are supported by Mares, Paralenz, Nauticam and Olympus. To find out more visit


Curaçao Dive Site of the Month – Smokeys (Watch Video)

Bryan Horne



New Video Release: Smokeys near Eastpoint Curaçao.

Learn about – a Top 10 Dive Site in Curacao located near Eastpoint and arguably one of the best dive sites in the Caribbean. 

It rivals the finest dive sites in Belize, Bonaire and the Cayman Islands.

Video produced and edited for Dive Curacao, by NaturePicsFilms.

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Top 5 things to do above water on a diving trip to Barbados

Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown



Whilst you will want to spend as much time underwater as possible on any diving trip to Barbados, with its amazing wrecks, reefs and marine life… you will have to spend some time on dry land! So here are our top tips on what to do topside on this stunning Caribbean paradise.

1) Go Caving!

Babados offers the perfect instagram cave experiences. Two stand out from the crowd: Harrison’s Cave and Animal Flower Cave.

Harrison’s Cave offers a guided tours on a tram to allow you to safely explore these incredible underground caverns. Located in the central uplands of the island, this crystallized, limestone cave is characterized by flowing streams, deep pools of crystal clear water and towering columns.

Animal Flower Cave is named after the anemone’s that can be found in the rock pools that sit within the cavern. This is a perfect spot for a photo or two, with the wild coastline visible through the cavern windows that have been carved out by wave action.

Both these tours are great options for your non-diving day before you fly home.

2) Take in a show

I have to admit that we do not usually get excited about an evening show put on for tourists. But just a few minutes into the show at Harbour Lights and we were dancing along with locals and tourists alike. The show is great fun and is full of talented performers. The buffet dinner included with the event is perfect too, with something for everyone. They had to throw us out!

3) Head to the Beach

Barbados is packed with incredible beaches. Some are setup with entertainment, resturants and bars, others are completely deserted. So it is up to you to find your perfect one. Whether you love to surf, want to relax in the sun, or get into the party spirit – there is a beach for you waiting to be discovered.

4) Learn to cook Bajan Style

If you love your food, and are a whizz in the kitchen, then why not spend an evening with a local chef to show you how to cook some of your favourite Bajan dishes. Award winning Chef Creig Greenidge joined us in our hotel to pass on some of his secrets. An amazing evening saw us chatting about our love of Caribbean cuisine, he guided us through a three course meal, even stopping to help us work out what we could replace hard to find ingredients in the UK with. The food was incredible, but it was also a wonderful experience. Great food and wine too!

5) Rum and Food Pairing Dinner

Barbados is the home of rum. This was a perfect way to round off our trip. Set in the Rum Vault at the Colony Club Hotel, we were treated to a private 5 course meal, each course paired with a rum cocktail. Finished with some fine sipping rums and delicious chocolates. Heaven!

Of course there is so much more than these 5 we have picked. So here are a few more things you should try out: Horses on the beach on Sunday mornings; Friday night is party night at the Fish Fry; Eat out! There are too many amazing restaurants to name here. Have a Mango Chow cocktail. Do a rum distillery tour at Mount Gay or St Nicholas Abbey or try our a local craft beer. Most of all – get out and explore. Barbados has so much to offer.

Next up… we will be back underwater exploring one of our favourite diving areas – Carlisle Bay.

For more information about Barbados click here.

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